A 'Latte' fun with London's Theatre Bloggers

Tuesday 4th November 2014

Last night team Starling went along to a theatre bloggers meet up at the delectable Soho Grind. The evening follows several others organised by Official Theatre, a site which is swiftly making itself a 'mama' to those of us who go to the theatre and blog about it. Until our first #LNDTheatreBloggers meet up back in June, we were a lonely, isolated breed, seeing shows by night, and typing up our reviews by whenever-there-was-time. 

The welcome reception at Soho Grind

Official Theatre is providing a fun-house for bloggers to meet and play. I've always thought the word 'networking' sounded crass but its editor, Rebecca Felgate, infectiously adorable, finds useful ways to engage, surprise and energise us. Our evening saw cheese and prosecco on arrival at the rather sassy Soho Grind, a caffinated demonstration of making an espresso martini and a chance to try our hand at making our own (ours was more Charlie and the over sweetened, sickly coffee syrup than chic coffee cocktail). Despite our cocktail failing to hit the mark, we did take the 'grande' prize for the best coffee based puns...

The event highlighted just how many bloggers are benefiting from the new network - in increased readership, friendship, and free theatre tickets. Beyond these fun events, the theatre blogging world is proving that, as Rebecca flagged up, you don't have to write for the Guardian to say something interesting about the arts. 

A quick lesson in making coffee martinis

It was great to see so many talented writers in one place. I was particularly inspired by the story of Ian Foster, who writes There Ought To Be Clowns and aims to make 365 theatre trips in a year (and managed 50 in October alone!), the tenacity and perseverance of so many die-hard theatre fans in seeing shows they love and writing about them, and of SeatPlan, the start up looking to arm theatre goers with the tools to bag the best seats. There's a family of theatre writers out there in cyberspace, and it's nice to have a coffee with them! 

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