Deal with the Media

Thursday 11th December 2014 

I used to be petrified of being interviewed. I spend my working life leading groups of people to sing, but put me in front of a video camera and my natural instinct is to forget how to use the English language, babble on at the speed of a cheetah and use (overly) ‘enthusiastic’ hand gestures like I’m delivering an interpretive dance. As a consequence I’d always normally delegate interviews to my colleague Anna.

Media Training made easy -

As co-director of a start-up offering group singing opportunities to communities, businesses and schools as well as three choirs in London, we’re always looking for tools to help us to talk effectively (without the frantic hand waving and jumbled sentences!) about our work - be it on screen, online or radio. Last year, Anna and I did a short online training session with First Take, covering the basics of talking to journalists. Shortly after that I was interviewed by national newspaper The Stage, and armed with the tools I’d picked up from my training, I actually managed to enjoy being interviewed.

When First Take released a new e-learning training programme, Deal with The Media, I jumped at the chance to try this video based training programme for preparing you for a successful working relationship with television, the press, radio and online. Modules include getting the media’s attention, radio, print and TV interviews, all things Starling Arts already encounter and where there’s need for us to be better prepared.

The Deal With The Media series is fronted by Sir Trevor Macdonald who introduces us to specialists, guiding us through each area with detail, clarity and enthusiasm. Staged examples alongside real interviews give a unique insight into the best approaches for anyone who will be dealing with the media. Structure, preparation and delivery are all covered, and the fear and quickened heartbeat I used to feel when even thinking about being interviewed has been replaced by an excitement to get out there and talk on all platforms about the work we do at Starling Arts. If, like me, you'd like to improve your media skills, then kit yourself out with Deal With The Media's unique media training package by visiting