Blogging about blogging

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Once upon a time we had to talk to each other to find out news. Or read a paper.

Now there's Facebook and The Guardian online, the way we share information has changed beyond recognition.

I always feel lucky that I have grown up alongside the internet - I remember the discordant musicality of the internet dial-up tone, before sitting on MSN talking to my school friends while my mum waited patiently to use the phone-line. I remember the wonder of seeing Google Earth for the first time. I remember uploading my first album to Facebook. I remember the first time someone I admired tweeted me back. 

Nowadays we consume most of our information 'online', that strange and wonderful place where the secrets of the universe wait to be discovered, and you can find out pretty much anything in seconds. And if you're so inclined, that means you can now read a wealth of blogs by passionate theatre-goers reflecting on their experiences of theatre in London and further afield. 

Mostly, writers sit in our own homes and stare at our own personal devices, from smart phones, through tablets and desk tops. How lonely that can be. A world where we're exchanging so much, yet communicating so little. 

Something cool happened last night. The rather fabulous Rebecca Felgate of Official Theatre brought together 30 theatre bloggers in a room, and gave us gin (supplied by Martin Miller's gin), cheese platters, and most of all the opportunity to talk to other people who care about the arts as passionately as us. 

Theatre bloggers are a feisty, fun and fascinating bunch. The gin puns were flowing all night (see Twitter #ginning for evidence) alongside a cocktail competition (which our team rather unmodestly won with our beloved gin based delight - The Ginterval, honestly you'd have thought we'd won an Olivier) and fascinating gin tasting session. I would like to give serious credit to another team's cocktail name, that sums up nicely what was going on 'The Curious Gin-cident of the Blog in the Night-time' 

The 'ginning' team - photo by @_VickiTaylor

The real point is - how can the theatre blogging world create a community - one of support, mutual recommendation and real life friendship? Can we make theatre trips more fun by doing them together? Can we give blogging the larger audience and greater esteem it deserves?

This gin-fuelled night was lovingly curated, leaving us with a warm desire to nurture this online theatre-loving family. 

Look out for the #LDNtheatrebloggers hashtag, dive into the world of blogs - retweet stuff you like, share the best posts and let's get theatre blogging on the map. 


Check out the gin-ius minds that came together for team 'Ginterval'






Huge thanks to @rebeccafelgate of @TheatreOfficial for bringing us all together! 

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