Surround Yourself with Music

Monday 23rd November 2015

I’ve just bought my Godson Sam his first piano. It’s about 40cm wide, has 8 rainbow coloured keys, and plays a C major scale with a glockenspiel tin. I’m excited that it adds to his already extensive ‘music drawer’ of shakers, bells and drums. 

Sam is one years old. Aside from a secret aspiration that he’ll become a musical prodigy, I really bought him this piano because he loves making music. You might ask how a one year old bashing this piano or shaking an old water bottle filled with seeds can be counted as ‘music making', but I believe that any deliberately made noise is musical. These toddling crashes and cries are the precursor to what we recognise as music and singing. 

This week we launch BYOBaby in collaboration with Lucky Voice. The idea behind it is twofold: it will allow parents and guardians the opportunity to socialise with others whilst connecting through song (the benefits of which are many, as outlined in this previous blog post) and it introduces pre-school aged children to all these benefits and the idea that singing is for everyone. 

Many adult singers come to us afraid to sing. Something in their younger life has haunted them and they hold back from the enriching experience of singing with others. It is our hope that BYOBaby will open both adults and children to the power of singing together, so that it’s something they continue to share at home and throughout life.  

As Sam proves, we are born with the desire to make music, and we intend to nurture that from childhood to old age. 

- Anna

Have a baby? Come along on Thursday and sing with them and us. 

Tickets available here or on the door. 

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