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Monday 2nd February 2015

Last Friday night saw team Starling attend their third Official Theatre meet up for bloggers, and what a fun meet up it was!

Since last June, we've been part of the #LDNTheatreBloggers scene where we've befriended a range of likeminded writers to attend the theatre with and, in the case of Friday's meet up, eat as many mini-sausages as co-hosts Planet Hollywood could throw at us.

Spot Emily and Anna in the crowd of colourful bloggers! Photo: Seatplan

Official Theatre provides star interviews and show reviews, and runs a neat line of bitesized video reviews we recommend you check out. You can also find theatre tickets via the website, so it's a one stop shop for all your theatre-going needs!

The ever-growing #LDNTheatreBloggers community goes from strength to strength and Friday proved how the group has benefited many of its writers, with Ed Nightingale from the Gizzle Review taking home a prize in celebration of how his blog has grown in the last few months. 

Official Theatre's goddess, Rebecca Felgate, also allowed us to take to the stage to invite the assembled company to our upcoming concert High Five, and we're thrilled that several of the bloggers will be coming along on February 21st to experience what Starling Arts is all about and reflect on our concert in their blogs. If you'd like to join them, drop us an email!

We also touched base with Seatplan, our new favourite website (well, joint fave with Official Theatre!). Seatplan offers detailed reviews and photos of seat views from theatres across London, as reviewed by the public - think TripAdvisor meets a seating chart! We thoroughly recommend you get on the Seatplan bandwagon to...

A) review seats you have sat in at the theatre. Your reviews add up to points which mean prizes in the form of theatre vouchers (WIN!)

B) find the perfect seats for your theatre trips

C) keep a lovely diary of all the shows you've seen! 

I've been busy adding reviews to the site, but having seen over 200 shows since moving to London 6 years ago, I have a way to go...!

A snapshot of Anna's Seatpan profile

Thank you Official Theatre, Seatplan and Planet Hollywood for a top night! 

If you're an arts blogger keen to get in on the fantastic and, in our opinion, much needed #LDNTheatreBloggers scene, contact Rebecca Felgate via the contact form on the Official Theatre website

Read about our previous meet ups here and here!

- Anna