Dawn Chorus - a morning singing revolution!

Wednesday 24th June 

A few months ago, we came up with a (rather bonkers) new idea with our friends at Rockaoke. Unlike our other (mostly nocturnal) musical work, this new project would test our alarm clocks: a pre-work choir in Central London called Dawn Chorus!

While we busily planned our first session, we had no idea if anyone else would actually want to get up to arrive at a pub near Oxford Circus at 7.30am on a Tuesday morning, less if we would be able to function well enough to run a vocal warm up having got up at 5am...  

To our happiness, the very first Dawn Chorus London was a resounding success, with over 30 singers singing in four part harmony in no time! Stretching to Beyonce, belting out Bon Jovi and generally having a good time, we were so pleased (and relieved!) that a novel idea had turned into a real-life choir! 

Anna & Emily lead the Dawn Chorus on stage at The Phoenix

Super first morning at @DawnChorusLDN - Livin' On A Prayer at 8am, what's not to like?" - Rebecca 

We were buzzing for hours after the session, and the early morning adrenaline kept us going all day, proving the benefits of a morning sing. Never have we had such a cheery, feel-good start to the working day. Step aside Mr. Motivator, Dawn Chorus has arrived! 

Curious? New members are very welcome! Dawn Chorus takes place every Tuesday for the next five weeks at The Phoenix Cavendish Square, London. 

Sessions cost £7 when signing up for the term, or £9 a week to drop in. Email info@starlingarts.com to register! 

I went to the Dawn Chorus this morning at the Phoenix. I really enjoyed it! It was a great way to start the day."  - David