A Reflective 'Thank You'

Thursday 16th July 2015

2015 has been filled with so many incredible events that I keep having to pinch myself to reassure me it’s all real. 

First there was High Five, our fifth anniversary concert, which still fills me with pride and a beaming smile whenever I think of it, followed up by recording our High Five album, which was released in May.

Last night, at our end of term Summertime Cabaret, we premiered the album showreel and, as I looked on at our 70-strong choir members and 100 guests watching, cheering, smiling, crying and loving it, I beamed at Emily

Starling Arts has always been about people and about community. Whilst group singing serves that and has brought all our performers and audiences together over the years, it’s the community spirit at the heart of all it that truly makes Starling Arts fly. Last night’s Cabaret was testament to the love and support of our choirs as they showcased their latest songs to one another. We also heard from wonderful soloists and smaller groups from within the choirs, who demonstrated their own amazing talents and friendships. 

The Phoenix, home to our Summertime Cabaret

As we break for the summer and head off to Devon to run our annual Summer School, Emily and I pause for a moment to appreciate and say thank you to all the people who make Starling Arts what it is: a family. We hope all our singers and supporters have an incredible summer break, and we’ll see you all in September for even more musical merriment…

- Anna