Back to Choir!

Remember those final sticky summer holiday afternoons when your mum would take you to be measured for your new school uniform, and choosing a new pencil case would be the highlight of your week? The slightly excited/anxious mix of a new classroom, teacher or school would sit in your belly until, before you knew it, the holidays were over and you were sat in a maths lesson scratching your initials into your calculator using a plastic compass.  

The 'back to school' feeling is a little like our annual 'back to choir' scramble, but we experience a slightly different start of term ritual here at Starling Arts, far from scratchy nylon jumpers and set squares! During the choir summer break, Anna and Emily are off running youth and community projects all across London and Devon and putting everything in place for the new term. Repertoire is selected, arranged and printed, resources prepared, new members recruited and all the logistics are finely tuned! Information is distributed and the excitement grows! 


Finally the first day of term comes, and rehearsals begin again! When the evenings arrive, in comes an excited crowd, pleased to see each other after a few months, sharing stories of summer sunsets and awesome BBQs. New members are introduced and everyone is treated to an obligatory ice breaker to share names and deepen new and existing bonds. New music is produced and the choirs sing through their new repertoire for the very first time, starting on the road towards performances later in the year. There's a special sort of buzz in the air, one of excitement for the coming term and contentment of being reunited with the Starling family! 

With week one of rehearsals done and dusted, we're now looking forward to a jam-packed term of choir sessions, workshops, socials and performances, including our Winter Cabaret at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square on December 7th!

You can keep up to date with the latest Starling Arts news on this blog or via our social media channels! Here's to a great term!