Our Singers Said...

We spoke to a few of our singers about our upcoming show Black & Teal. Here’s what they had to say!

What are you most looking forward to about performing in
Black & Teal on April 1st and 2nd?

"Feeling the incredible high that you get from sharing the stage with so many wonderfully lovely, caring, crazy, talented people!" - Pippa, Forte
"Feeling like a West End star for a few hours!" - Fiona, the Starling Singers
"Performing in front of a live audience with my mates." - Steven, the Starling Singers
"Showing my hubby what I've been up to while he has done baby bedtime alone on Thursday nights!" - Nona, the Starling Singers

What's your favourite song you'll be performing?

"Mr Blue Sky by ELO!" - Will, the Starling Singers
"Don't let the Sun Go Down on Me or One Day Like This by Elbow... BOTH!" - Ellie, Forte
"Bohemian Rhapsody - it's going to be immense." - Nona, the Starling Singers
"At the moment Rather Be by Clean Bandit, but it changes every week!" - Pippa, Forte

What three words would you use to describe the Starling Arts choirs?

"Family, Supportive, Fun." - Ellie, Forte
"Inspirational, Elevating, Family." - Emily, Starling Arts co-director
"Fun, Challenging, Supportive." - Will, the Starling Singers
"Family, Joyful, Happiness." - Anna, Starling Arts co-director
"Shiny Happy People!" - Steven, the Starling Singers
"Energetic, Passionate, (a) Family!" - Pippa, Forte
"Ooh, they're good!" - Nona, the Starling Singers

Why should audiences come and see Black & Teal?

"There is no thinking about whether or not you should come to Black & Teal, it will be an evening of joy and entertainment. I wish I could be on stage and in the audience at the same time!" - Fiona, the Starling Singers
"Because I defy anyone not to feel content witnessing this much love and talent on stage in one night - it's MAGIC!" - Anna, Starling Arts co-director
"It'll be a musical mega-party!" - Pippa, Forte
"Because it will restore your faith in humanity, and be fun for your eyes and ears." - Nona, the Starling Singers

What does music and singing mean to you?

"It always makes me feel happy. There is a song for every emotion, good or bad. It always lifts me, my soul!! Singing in Starling Arts has been like gaining a huge, caring family of people who understand the joy of singing, and who really care about and support each other."
- Fiona, the Starling Singers
"The chance to do get away from work and normal life to do something completely different for a few hours each week and challenge myself in a unique way."
- Will, the Starling Singers
"Singing gives me a chance to express myself whether I am by myself or around others. It's my distraction from everything else going on because when I sing, I'm not thinking of anything else except the music and the words...unless there's choreography...then I'm trying to do that too." - Ellie, Forte
"Taking a moment (or many moments) to forget about the bad stuff. To get totally lost in another world, but with the best possible company. It means freedom to explore
other worlds, and find new ways of dealing with the one we have!"
- Emily, Starling Arts co-director
"It used to be a nice thing I did to add some fun to my week, but is so much more than that now. It's an integral part of my life rather than optional icing on the cake. It's part of who I am when the labels of 'civil servant' and 'mother' are stripped away. It's a challenge and a coping mechanism all at once. It's community and friendship. It's bloody brilliant. I suppose that's why it has taken zero effort to stick with it for the last 7 years!"
- Nona, the Starling Singers
"It's grounding and uplifting at the same time. A confidence boost and an escape from the norm. An individual moment of joy and a shared experience." - Dee, Corvida
"Singing has been with me as long as I can remember and all through my life it has brought joy to many. It is one of the only natural talents I have, it is massive to me."
- Steven, the Starling Singers

Do you have a message for the Starling Arts fans out there?

"You have great taste. Joining Starling Arts was the best decision I ever made. If you're pondering whether you should join a singing group, join us!' - Ellie, Forte
"Thanks for your support! Keep it Teal!" - Nona, the Starling Singers
"I hear standing ovations are all the rage these days." - Will, the Starling Singers

Want to find out for yourself? 

Come along to Black & Teal on April 1st and 2nd to see these wonderful people, plus lots more, in action!