How a Show Choir Supercharged My Career

Choir member Nat shares the story of how being a member of a choir has changed the course of her life.  

There’s a glow when you come back from a Starling event. Whether we’ve performed together, enjoyed bottomless brunch or won a pub quiz. Every moment is something a little bit special. There’s a hidden thread that links everyone who joins our community together. It’s really hard to describe, and it’s not always obvious that it’s there. It’s a grit and tenacity. A boundless enthusiasm even when we’re faced with something a little bit daunting. When one of us is struggling, without needing to say a word, the rest of us will flock around. Supporting in any way that will help. Even if that support is just singing side by side with someone. It’s a support that can change the shape of your whole week. It’s not something I ever expected to find in a choir.


I moved to London a couple of years after university. I didn’t know that many people, and I joined a choir to make some ‘London-friends’. I can’t remember how I landed on Starling Arts. But I am so *so* glad I did.

I want to paint you a typical Starling moment. It’s one of dozens I’ve had this year. It’s not particularly noteworthy, but it sums up Starling to a tee. Imagine a sunny weekend, at the start of July. You’ve spent the afternoon singing on stage with a group of fantastic people. Then a bunch of us go to sit by the Thames, giggling relentlessly at Articulate and each other generally, until grabbing dinner late in the evening. It’s long days like this, with friends I never would have met otherwise, that make Starling go from a brilliant choir to a pseudo family. I’m very, very glad I joined.


Which brings me to my favourite Starling moment. A year ago, our three choirs went on tour to Paris. It was the first Starling tour (the first of many I hope), and it was five days of debaucherous musical delight. I was frustrated in my job, and the tour gave me the space to talk about it with a variety of different choir members - people who worked in completely different industries, sectors, worlds to me. To put a mildly dramatic point on it - those conversations would change the course of my career. Within 24 hours of getting home after the Starling tour I had resigned from my job, leaving to start my own company. A year later, our company is going from strength to strength. I would never have had the courage to take that first step without the murmur of four dozen starlings behind me.

Master_Of_The_House_Les_Miserables_Choir_Cover (1).gif

If you’re thinking about joining the Starling flock, I won’t try and convince you anymore. Come hang out, and feel it for yourself. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Nat, Forte Member

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