Sing While You Work

At Starling Arts, we get groups of people singing in all sorts of venues and organisations, including workplaces. We take a look at the reasons for taking part in a workplace choir, and how to make it happen!

Starling Arts bring fun, accessible workplace singing sessions to offices around the capital, delivering fun and motivating bespoke sessions suitable for all levels of previous experience. Our workplace choirs are flexible and tailored to each company we work with, and structured to fit any schedule, whether during lunch breaks or after work.

Wellbeing and health

Recent studies have shown that many workers eat lunch at their desk, leaving little time to relax and recharge. The increasing pressure and expectation of spending long hours tied to a desk, or at the mercy of emails popping up on a smartphone, have been attributed to a steep rise in physical and mental health difficulties, including anxiety and depression. The can lead to poor morale, challenging relationships and decreased productivity.

Many companies are starting to recognise the need to look after their employees physical and mental health, and one such tool that is increasing in demand is group singing!

Why sing at work?

The extraordinary experience of singing in a group brings those taking part very much into the present, away from any pressures or stresses they may be experiencing in or outside of work. Singing is proven to boost wellbeing, reduce stress and create communities, so it's the perfect tool for businesses. When we sing in workplaces, we witness people coming together from across different departments, many of whom have never met in spite of working for the same organisation. When you get those people singing in the same room, it’s clear there are benefits to businesses as well as individuals.

Isn’t Singing in a choir really hard?

While singing presents teams with a shared goal, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or difficult. Singing a simple harmony together or even in unison (when everyone sings the same melody) can be extremely beautiful, effective and satisfying to sing. We all have a voice, let’s raise it together!

Sing Together

Most cultures use song as an integral part of ritual, celebration and memorial. It’s one of the most natural things in the world, and has a range of tangible benefits, including the endorphins that are released, making us feel brilliant. Singing in a choir also provides opportunities to boost our social lives, reduce stress and depression levels, improve confidence, and create a feeling of community. Singing has also been proven to have an array of physical benefits, including reducing blood pressure and relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and lung problems.

Starling Arts’ Workplace Choirs

The experienced Starling Arts team provide our host offices with the advice and leadership to make their workplace choir a success, ensuring that every member has fun and feels supported.

Starling Arts can help you to set up your own choir at work using our experience in establishing and leading singing and performance groups.

A typical workplace choir session might include:

  • Physical and vocal exercises

  • Learning a fun and accessible song in harmony, chosen from our extensive catalogue

  • Creating sounds and rhythms

  • Targeted body, voice and performance techniques

  • Style and interpretation exercises

  • Presentation and leadership methods

If your workplace would benefit from our expertise in leading group singing, contact us today by emailing

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