10 Reasons to be excited for Starling 10

Get excited, because here are 10 things our choir members have in store next April when it comes to performing in Starling 10 at Cadogan Hall! 

1. The prestige of Cadogan Hall 

Home of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and numerous international artists, as well as Broadway and West End stars, London’s Cadogan Hall really is hard to beat. It’s a gem in the heart of Chelsea, with one of a kind acoustics, beautiful views and a stunning backdrop to any concert. We’re so excited that our members and other groups - such as our workplace choirs - will get to perform at such a stunning venue, all in the name of celebrating the power of group singing! 

2. The fun of working together 

Our singers get to enjoy the unique experience of working with a large group of singers towards a common goal - a choir performance. Through all the different stages of rehearsal, they’ll need to work together to create the show, which should be totally unforgettable!  


3. New skills 

With a new space comes different skills. In such a large theatre space, projection and performance become key. Are those in the back row of the balcony able to feel the emotion of the song? Is the person to the side able to understand every word? 

4. The Process 

Rehearsing for a concert is a fascinating process, with many steps. The excitement is followed by the first steps of learning our repertoire, which usually feel pretty good! Soon enough something tricky will come along to throw you off balance. Whilst working through the challenges, it can feel like the polished ending that everyone is working towards is too far away. For a while, there may be complacency and a sense of the performance being so far off there’s nothing to worry about, but then suddenly the concert is only a few weeks away and the panic sets in. That’s usually the most intense period of rehearsal, when lines are refined and knots ironed out. Before you know it, the concert has arrived and you’re as ready as you’ll ever be! 

Copy of Photo: Alice the Camera

5. Hard work 

Performing to such a high standard means hard work. Lyric learning, tricky harmony busting and movement cracking all entail individual effort, and each performer will have to rise to the challenge, but luckily there’s a supreme pay off for all the hard work…

6. Pride 

The pay off after weeks of rehearsals, lyric learning on the way to work, and practicing steps in the bathroom every morning! They all amount to an extraordinary sense of pride! Standing on stage taking an ovation is one of the best feelings we can have, especially when joined by fellow choir members.

7. Sharing the joy 

It feels amazing to share what you’ve worked so hard on with your friends and family. Their joy and pride can feel electric, and the feeling of a big family cuddle at the end of a show is unbeatable! 

8. Get on brand

There’ll be all sorts of opportunities to dress up in head to toe black and teal, with a special edition celebratory T-shirt planned as a new addition to the Starling wardrobe! Our choir members will get busy choosing the perfect black outfit with teal accessories ready for the April show. For a glimpse of previous shows, click here.

9. The confidence

While taking centre stage can seem daunting, it also makes you feel great, boosts your confidence and helps your self esteem. The end result is a new-found confidence you can take with you for the rest of your life.

Copy of Photo: Rebecca Pitt

10. The afterglow

Flicking through photos and watching videos from backstage and during the concert can bring a huge sense of delight and satisfaction. As others watch and share images, the group can enjoy basking in the joy of all that has been achieved!