Thatcher's Theatre

Margaret Thatcher continues to keep us talking, even in death.

I was born in the Thatcher era, turning five shortly before she resigned in 1990. It’s hard to comment on how I felt about life under her government – but it didn’t escape my attention that she was affectionately referred to as ‘Margaret Thatcher-Milk Snatcher’ in my house.  I had some of my earliest theatre games pretending to be Betty Boothroyd (former Speaker of the House of Commons), silencing my grandma (gallantly playing Mrs. Thatcher) with a ringing ‘ORDER! ORDER!’ (all of this role play comes in handy for crowd controlling the Starling Arts choirs we run!). I won’t do a Harry Styles fan-base style faux-pas and mistake her for a man or ‘something to do with the queen’, but I do think it’s hard for my generation to take in how resounding Thatcher's policies were, for better or for worse.

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