Rehearsal Tracks and Sheet Music

  • There is a track for each vocal part and a SATB track with all 5 parts played together.
  • You can either stream the tracks online or hit the download button to listen offline on your computer and add the tracks to your phone or device. 
  • These tracks are all played by a synthesised voice with Anna singing over the top, with the piano accompaniment underneath
  • We encourage you to record your parts at rehearsal for added rehearsal support using your phone's voice memo function

I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Please click here for sheet music

Tenors & Basses, I say on the track which bits I sing at your pitch or up the octave!

Shut Up and Dance

Please click here for sheet music

Chaps, I've sung the Tenor & Bass track up an octave, but left the guide track at pitch below my voice, except for bars 68-73 which I sing at pitch

Merry Christmas Everybody

Please click here for sheet music

These rehearsal tracks sound (unintentionally!) a bit scary! We’ll make it sound more romantic and sparkly in reality!