Rehearsal Tracks and Sheet Music

  • There is a track for each vocal part and a SATB track with all 5 parts played together.
  • You can either stream the tracks online or hit the download button to listen offline on your computer and add the tracks to your phone or device. 
  • These tracks are all played by a synthesised voice with Anna singing over the top, with the piano accompaniment underneath
  • We encourage you to record your parts at rehearsal for added rehearsal support using your phone's voice memo function

Use Somebody

Please click here for sheet music

Chaps, I've sung the Tenor & Bass track up an octave, but left the guide track at pitch below my voice

Dog Days Are Over

Please click here for sheet music

Please note there is one bar of click (with the Sop 2's note) as a cue at the beginning

Tenors & Basses, I've sung nearly all the track at pitch (forgive some gravelly notes!) with some 'Ooo' sections up the octave. I say on the track if I'm singing a section up the octave.

Please click here for sheet music

Stay Another Day


Chaps, I've sung everything at your pitch except the opening 'Ooos'. My singing is as gravelly as always, but you get the idea!

The Tenor/Bass split only applies to the opening notes