Portfolio of Our Work

Using music to connect people is at the heart of Starling Arts' work; whether it's with our choir community in London, using singing and performance to connect people in businesses, schools and charities, or producing musicals with young people. Starling Arts' goal is to provide fun, accessible and high quality arts experiences for everyone and anyone, whatever their previous life or musical experience.

Community Choirs

We run three fun and lively Show Choirs in London, blending performance techniques with high quality singing, awesome performances and the best dose of community spirit around!

Workplace Singing

Singing is proven to boost wellbeing, reduce stress and create communities, so it's the perfect tool for workplaces. We witness people coming together from across different departments, many of whom have never met in spite of working for the same organisation. When you get those people singing in the same room, it's clear there'll be benefits to business as well as individuals. 

Young People

We work with young people in schools, communities and masterclass sessions. Singing and performing with young people develops life-long skills such as confidence, public speaking and team work, and encourages creativity and a better understanding of the world around them.

TEDx Talk

Our TEDx Talk on Why the World Needs to Sing outlines the connective power of group singing. We got the audience up on their feet in harmony to prove its multiple benefits!


We bring group singing to communities, fundraising for charity, singing in hospitals, leading workshops at community events, running masterclasses for other choirs, and bringing parties and events alive with the sound of group singing!


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