Name that tune!

With only two days to go 'til Summersault, excitement is mounting at Starling HQ!

On Tuesday, Anna ran the band call with the talented musicians who make up the Starling Arts band. It's always exciting to get the band together and amazing how quickly all the songs piece together. Along with the fantastic sound the three choirs are making, you're in for a musical treat this weekend!

Anna's view at Band Call

We've also been having our final rehearsals with our lovely choirs, Forte, Corvida and The Starling Singers. Emily has been polishing up their dance moves and ensuring all the entrances and exits are slick and show ready. 

You can see the result of all this talent and energy this weekend at Summersault!

Name that tune!

To get you in the mood for this weekend's show, our Corvida girls traded their close harmony singing for close harmony kazoos this week. Can you name the song they're performing in this video? 

Leave us a comment if you think you know the tune, and what's more, come and hear the real thing sung this weekend as part of Summersault. It sounds much nicer sung than it does kazooed, we can assure you!

Tickets are available from our what's on page.

Toynbee Studios (nr. Aldgate East)

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July, 7.30pm 

We can't wait to see you there and promise you it'll be a great show!

Anna & Emily