Watch Andrew Lloyd Webber Chat With Lin-Manuel Miranda at The Other Palace!

Last night, two of the most influential musical theatre writers of the last century shared the stage for a very special panel discussion. Lin-Manuel Miranda, writer of Hamilton (arguably the most talked-about Broadway musical in years) spoke with Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose work has been so successful he hardly needs an introduction!

Anna and Emily were lucky enough to be in the room where it happened! Find out what they thought..! 

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Sharing Your Passion with the World - What it's Like to Give a TEDx Talk

Starling co-directors Anna and Emily recently had the incredible opportunity to speak at TEDx Square Mile. Having been invited to speak (and sing!) about their work bringing people together through group singing, they didn’t need to look much further than the inspiring Starling Arts community to find life-changing stories to share. In their talk titled ‘Why the World Needs to Sing’, they spoke about why singing with others - in communities, businesses or choirs - can be a hugely transformative experience. To bring their message to life, they had the crowd up on their feet and singing in three part harmony.
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Songs For a New World - Review

Like many British JRB fans, the original off-Broadway cast recording of 'Songs for a New World' is very familiar, but my only reference for Songs’ on stage are dodgy YouTube clips of small-town American school productions, often featuring voices ill-equipped to flatter the often tricky belts and harmonies of the show. Luckily director Adam Lenson has assembled the finest collection of musical theatre actors in town, moving them into a New York loft apartment set (complete with boxes of well-loved possessions). Finally the show looks as good as it sounds, and those (sometimes skippable) character songs are fully dressed in his production. A show which has many unanswered questions, this thoughtful production shows us it has thought about the answers, even when it cannot share them.

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