Flying High on High Five

Wednesday 4th March 2015

It may be over a week since our concert High Five, but we're still flying high on the post-show buzz!

The Starling Arts Company. Photo: Richard Davenport

Our fifth anniversary concert, which took place on Saturday February 21st, exceeded all of our expectations. With a packed crowd of over 600 people and over 100 performers taking part, our show highlights include our Summer School performers joining our adult Show Choirs on stage for 'Anything Can Happen' from the stage show of Mary Poppins, seeing our choirs showcase their best songs from the last five years of Starling Arts, introducing a song from our musical Return to Aesop to a London audience, and leading the incredible crowd in an audience sing-along of 'Let the Sunshine In' from Hair!

A playlist of some of our favourite videos from the night can be viewed here:

We were also thrilled to have #LDNTheatreBloggers Emma Robertson and Marina Jenkins in the audience, both of whom reflected on the show in these fantastic write ups:

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Audience tweets on all things #HighFiveShow

We've added some of our favourite images from photographer Richard Davenport over on our Gallery page, and you can check out some of the post-show buzz by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages, too! 

The High Five programme featured testimonials from some of our performers. One, by Forte member Alex Hall, had to be cut down for the programme but we thought we'd share it its entirety here, as it rather beautifully sums up the Starling Arts journey:

I don't actually remember my first Tuesday at Forte. Like many of life's most transformative moments, it seemed small enough at the time to be lost through the door of memory. What I do remember is that that first term of rehearsals was like a therapy I didn't realise I needed. I joined in early 2011, after a 2010 that had seen my life turned upside down, and not in a good way. I'd known Anna, our wonderful MD for many years, going back to our time together at University and it was she who suggested I should take my mind off things and join Starling Arts, which at the time was still finding its feet.

What struck me most during that first term was the idea of performance without agenda. I've been an actor for 14 years (it's ok, I've never heard of me either) and you get used to a certain level of cynicism right from the get-go; "I'm only doing this show to pay the rent". "Kate had better not tread on my lines tonight, there's an agent watching". It's easy to forget that you are going out there to brighten people's lives, or make them think and, most importantly, that you're making yourself vulnerable for the sake of doing something you really love. And that is where Starling Arts excels.

"Love what you're doing". That is the only agenda of Starling Arts. You are not here to impress anyone (apart from, perhaps, yourself), you are not here to work your way up a ladder, you are here to sing because you love singing. You might be professionally trained, or you might just be able to hold a tune from a lifetime of singing in the shower. The point is that you love it and that you leave everything else at the door and bring only that love with you.

And that joy, that love for what you do is reflected back by those around you. At Starling Arts, I have found a group of people free of pretence, a group that doesn't care about your status, your wealth or your background. Do you enjoy singing? Do you have the willingness to work together and make it sound as good as possible? Brilliant. For two hours, nothing else matters. Take yourself out of your life and let the music fill you up.

What Anna and Emily have created, what you are about to watch, goes beyond a group, or a community. It is a family. A family that looks out for each other, a family that, in five years has seen highs and lows from total elation to genuine tragedy. It's not something that you can manufacture, but something that must be grown, through love, both between people and for the process. On a personal level, I don't recognise the person that walked into that church hall on that Tuesday in 2011, and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to tell everyone, without fear of overstatement, that joining Starling Arts changed my life forever.

So, what's next? Well, we're thrilled to be recording our Fifth Anniversary Album with Auburn Jam Music later in the month and looking forward to starting our Summer Term in April ready to take on some new arrangements with our choirs! We're also busy preparing for our forthcoming production of Seussical, Jr., which will be the culmination of our sixth Summer School in Devon! We can't wait for everything else 2015 has in store. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped make the last five years possible and here's to the next five!

- Anna & Emily