A Very Starling Spring

Friday 24th January 2014

2014 is an exciting one for Starling Arts! Here's a little of what we're planning for the spring.


It's our favourite choir season of year: 'show term'. For those not familiar with the phrase, our three choirs are working up to a big performance, meaning rehearsals are buzzy, with harmonies, lyrics and dance routines to perfect (and of course, much fun to be had!)

Some of our singers during our last show, Abracadabra

Our venue this time is the lovely Wathen Hall, part of St Paul's School near Hammersmith. The concert hall is famed for its acoustics, and we're really looking forward to performing at this river-side venue! We're performing twice across the weekend of 22nd and 23rd March, to give our audiences a chance to join us in celebration of the choir's achievements from the last year. We hope you can join us too! 

The concert is called 'Anthology', alluding to the fact that, as always, our repertoire is varied with a 'something for everyone' set-list, comprised of our favourite music across a set of popular genres. Every song is presented through imaginative arrangements and performance settings, and our 70 singers are working on wowing you with their vocal prowess. 

Put the date in your diary now - tickets will be on sale from this website soon. 


22nd and 23rd March 2014


Lots of our members and audiences don't realise that we're busy replicating what we do with our regualr choirs in other settings. This spring, we'll be busy running singing and performance masterclasses in a range of schools, community groups and business across London. Our favourite part of working with new groups is seeing how powerful music can be in helping people bond. An hour spent singing seems to acquaint people in ways that years in the same classroom or office can't do! Click here to find out about our masterclasses

Anna & Emily running a workshop

We are always looking for new ways to sing with groups. If you have an idea we can help you with, get in touch at info@starlingarts.com