Stress-Busting Physical Warm-ups

Stressed? Try these five performance-inspired physical warm up tricks next time you or your group need a moment of calm or renewed energy.

Relax the body and mind with a boogie!

1. Shake it off 

In the wise words of Taylor Swift, ‘shake it off’ - get your body shaking, your limbs loosened and your energy moving. Especially good after a day sat behind a desk, shaking is a brilliant way to check-in with and instantly re-energise a tired body. Throw on your favourite dance-floor filler as extra incentive, if that helps!

2. Chew the gum 

Our jaws hold a terrific amount of tension and unlocking them through some simple exercises can leave your body and mind feeling calmer! Start with a gentle chewing action, as if you have chewing gum in your mouth. Extend this to imagine you have a growing gob-stopper that eventually becomes so big you need to spit it out.

3. The power pose

Spread your arms out to your sides and turn your palms up. Look up to the ceiling/sky and smile.

I defy anyone to hold this pose for ten seconds and not feeling happier, calmer and more confident.

Jogging or dancing on the spot can hit the spot!

4. Running man

Adrenaline stuck in the body can cause an anxious feeling. Instead, march, dance or jog on the spot to get the adrenaline moving around the body. You’ll soon feel less stressed and instead you’ll experience a sense of energy and motivation.

5. Hugs all round

This simple yet effective physical gesture can make you calmer and more focused. Wrap your arms around your front in a giant hug and breathe in. As you relax your arms back to your sides, breathe out. Then on the next breath, clasp your hands behind you. Breathe in, then relax on the out-breath. Repeat, each time thinking of a positive thought about the day ahead with each hug or clasp.

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