Delight in delight

My Granny always said, "Delight in delight". What a motto.

As adults, we often get bogged down by the weight of the world, forgetting to acknowledge those moments that make us happy, proud or liberated. We're too worried about what someone might think or how we might look, or simply don't allow ourselves the time to reflect on these moments.

We recently ran auditions for our 2015 Summer School and I was thrilled to see how much our young cast supported and encouraged each other and made it such an enjoyable experience for everyone. It didn't matter if they'd sung on their own or in a group, if they'd forgotten a line or nailed it; there was positive support without any agenda. We can learn so much from that optimism and belief and apply it to our work and life.

In a 45 minute lunchtime workshop last week, a group of adults at a company we're working with not only learned a whole song, complete with harmonies, but got to know each other's names and department within the office. They loosened up, they bonded and they laughed! Sharing that feeling with the group meant starting their afternoon with a new energy, something that would have had a knock on effect with their colleagues, too. It needn't have been music; sport, food, company, fresh air, any number of things could contribute to that happiness. But, had they not chosen to come and sing on their lunch break but instead sat alone in the canteen or at their desk, they wouldn't have had the opportunity to 'delight in delight'.

One of our workplace choirs I try to practice this simple phrase of my Granny's in everything I do. At Starling Arts, group singing serves that delight, but whatever you're doing, take a moment to sit back and delight in what you're creating for and with other people - it makes everything seem purposeful and possible.

- Anna