Choir - More Than a Place to Sing!

This World Mental Health Day, we reflect on all of the added benefits that come with singing in a choir!

A choir is a place where people come together to sing. But when that happens, a trail of magic follows! Community, happiness, health and well-being all triumph. For us, these are at the root of why we lead group singing activities.

We’ve sang with communities, new and existing, for nearly nine years, and in that time we’ve heard some extraordinary stories of how singing has been transformative to individuals.

Just like physical health, we all have mental health and group singing can be a really positive way of boosting it. We asked members of our Forte choir to share a little of the joy they take from being in a choir with you all today!

This World Mental Health Day, we hope you’re able to do a little of something that makes you happy, and talk openly about mental health with those around you.

Love from everyone at Starling Arts