Getting your workplace singing

We love to get workplaces singing through a variety of activities and events, but people have a lot of questions about what that involves. Curious? Check out four examples of the types of group singing we can offer your workplace. If you like the sound of them, get in touch!

The Energiser

This is one of our favourite events to lead and usually features as part of a big conference or away day for large numbers of delegates. Singing is proven to release all the happy-making endorphins and connect people instantly, so it’s a great way to get your team pumped!

We will typically arrive with a keyboard in tow and get your team singing a song in harmony within a matter of minutes! We have a large catalogue of songs we know are effective and uplifting for this sort of activity. No one needs any experience of singing and there’s always safety in numbers, so it’s a great and accessible activity for everyone to take part in!

Time: This activity typically takes 30 - 45 minutes

Number of participants: We’ve run sessions like this with up to 300 delegates before, either on site if your workplace has the space, or at venues including Picturehouse Central and Cafe de Paris

Suitable for: Conferences, away days, awards evenings, corporate entertainment

The Team Builder

If you’re planning a day of team building activities, why not consider group singing? Our team building sessions include icebreakers and plenty of activities to deepen connections and establish a comfortable, energised atmosphere. Most importantly, in singing together your team will work and communicate together.

These sessions will typically see us singing one or two songs together, exploring how singing and performing together not only boosts morale and improves the wellbeing of your workplace, but has many transferable skills to improve confidence, public speaking and presentation techniques. Depending on how much time you have, we also offer a taste of conducting your group, which is the ultimate test in leadership and communication!

Time: We usually run the team builder as a half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours) session, but can always be flexible to your time and budget

Number of participants: Typically this session works best with teams of 10 - 20, singing on site at your office

Suitable for: Team building and training days, group bonding activities, leadership meetings

The Wellbeing Sing

Music and singing offer a quick hit when it comes to your wellbeing, so they are the perfect way to bring that into your workplace. If you’re tasked with managing the wellbeing and mental health of your workplace, why not introduce some singing sessions?

Our sessions all lead with the breath, starting with a guided meditation and gradually introducing the voice to get participants focused and ready to work together. Then comes the harmony, releasing endorphins, improving cognitive function, reducing stress and rewarding the brain as you work together.

Time: We find it best to lead a series of sessions over a course of a few weeks for this to have real impact in your workplace. If you’re tight on time, offering the session as part of a lunch hour has worked for many of our clients. We’d advise two or three sessions of 45 - 60 minutes

Number of participants: This activity works well with groups of 10 - 25 in a quiet space at your workplace

Suitable for: Workplace wellbeing, mental health awareness, lunch time activities, drop in sessions

The Workplace Choir

If you’re looking for a way to regularly experience all these benefits in your workplace, why not consider having a workplace choir? We lead workplace choirs during lunch hours and after work, bringing together staff from across departments and sectors in the process.

Our workplace choirs often work towards internal performances and may have the opportunity to be involved with Starling Arts concerts, so there’s lots to get your teeth stuck into!

Time: We find lunch hours are the best time to run a workplace choir session, usually for 45 - 60 minutes. Depending on your performance goals, fortnightly or monthly sessions are best.

Number of participants: Our workplace choirs typically have 10 - 20 members

Suitable for: Lunch time activities, social groups, networking, workplace wellbeing

If you’d like to find out more about how we can run one of these sessions in your workplace, get in touch today by emailing

For more information about the multiple positive benefits of group singing, read all about its impact with this vital research from the University of Oxford.