Looking back on Seussical

We had such a brilliant time running this year's Summer School in Devon - a production of Seussical put on in just nine days of rehearsal! 

Check out what we got up to in our Seussical video trailer and album with over 150 rehearsal, backstage and performance photographs! 

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Desert Island Discs

In a recent warm-up at choir, we asked our singers, in small groups, to come up with a Desert Island Disc they could all agree on. Emily & I also took part and - in spite of knowing each other incredibly well, being friends for years and having shared tastes and memories in music - found it really hard!  We ended up choosing the 'Prologue' from West Side Story,  thinking we'd enjoy dancing it out every day as castaways on our desert island...

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The Death of the Album?

Gone are the days when we would carefully remove a compact disc from its cosy plastic home and slot it inside a CD player, listening to the tracks in order - and in full - until the CD ran out and you either fell asleep or put the next album in. Tapes too, would run, one song after another, until that particular whirr of the spool reaching its end.

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Wagner - Can We Separate a Man From His Art?

On Wagner's 200th birthday, Emily asks 'Can we separate a man from his art?' 

My mum loves Wagner’s music. Her idea of heaven is to sit through the 14.5 hours of The Ring Cycle, barely surfacing for breath. My mum loves Wagner’s music so much that she can often be found crying just hearing the final scenes of Tristan und Isolde, made an inconsolable wreck by the music. 

Today, on Wagner’s 200th birthday, praise for the composer’s work fills my social media timelines. But although I can be deeply moved by his music, his politics always mar my enjoyment of his work. 

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