Make Some Noise in 2019!

There’s lots of debate about whether New Year’s Resolutions are really good for us. Eating healthier and doing more exercise top the polls as the most common resolutions year in, year out, but if you’re going to commit to one resolution this year, why not make it joining a choir?

As gurus of all things group singing, we constantly talk on this blog about the benefits of singing in a choir, heck we’ve even done a TEDx Talk on Why the World Needs to Sing, but in 2019 we’re encouraging you to make some noise with us!

Joining a choir means ticking off multiple things from your resolution list. New friends, a new hobby, a dose of self-care, reducing your stress levels, boosting your wellbeing, improving your concentration, building confidence, being more active, digital detoxing (at least for the duration of a rehearsal!), becoming more social, getting over an ex, finding new love, being creative and, most of all, being a part of a community.

And don’t just take our word for it! Below are a few words of encouragement from some of our choir members.

“For me, singing with Starling Arts is the best possible remedy for a hard week at work. For a few hours a week I can totally forget about my worries (and my strife) and feel the uniquely uplifting experience that is singing with a great bunch of like minded people.”
- Will, The Starling Singers

“Joining a choir is the single best act of self-care I have ever committed to. Two hours a week doesn’t sound like a lot but two hours sealed off from the world singing with some of the best people I know, it makes more difference than I can put in to words.” - Alex, Forte

“Singing with a lovely group of people keeps me sane! It’s been a really positive constant to have in my life, from de-stressing when working a crazy job through to getting some precious me-time away from three kids!” - Sara, Corvida

“Starling is the epitome of community. They are my family away from home; fun, supportive, and just the best group of humans you could find. Oh, and the singing is great too!” - Danielle, The Starling Singers

“Before joining Starling Arts, I hadn’t sung in years - even though I’d loved singing when I was younger. I decided one year that I was going to get over the fear and get back to it so tried loads of different choirs around London, none of them feeling quite right. As soon as I walked into my first Forte rehearsal I knew I’d found my people! 5 years and numerous concerts, cabarets, pub quizzes, karaoke nights, weekends away and lifelong friendships later, I cannot imagine my life without my Starling family!” - Pippa, Forte

So what’s stopping you? Get in touch today to find out how you can join a Starling Arts choir in 2019. We can’t wait to sing with you.